SoundsKool to Partner with ELT Schools in Cambodia


SoundsKool begins music lessons at ELT Schools, in Cambodia. The two schools have joined forces to offer music courses in the main campuses of ELT (Toul Kork, and Phsar Kandal), in Phnom Penh.

Music courses at ELT will be offered from July/August 23rd 2016, pricing is $99 per term.

Here’s 10 reasons to study music at ELT!

  1. Learn GUITAR / KEYBOARD in just a few lessons
  2. Learn Music in groups, with your friends
  3. Take lessons right here in your school
  4. Experienced and Professional teachers
  5. Learn from USA original music books
  6. Play on Original Yamaha and Aria instruments
  7. Rent your instrument for one term, and 100% money back if you buy it!
  8. You can perform at end-of-term Concert
  9. Dedicated Facebook Music Group
  10. Receive a certificate at end of term

Are you are an ELT student, or interested in taking music classes at ELT? Register today, with your friends, simple ask your school’s reception!

Learn more about ELT, Click Here >>