Spotlight: Roland AC-33 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Spotlight: Roland AC-33 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Soundskool's product team introduces the Roland AC-33 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, a revolutionary all-in-one package for professional musicians.


CHANNELS Two (instrument and microphone)
CONTROLS Guitar Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle,Treble controls, chorus switch. Mic/Line Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble controls, chorus switch, Reverb/Ambience Knob. Anti-Feedback on/off switch. Looper Rec/Play/Overdub button, Stop/Clear Button. Aux Level Knob, Master Volume
POWER 30 watts using AC adaptor; 20 watts batteries.
EXTRAS Aux In jacks (RCA type, stereo miniature type) Line Out jacks (1/4" phone), headphone jack (stereo 1/4" phone), footswitch jacks (1/4" TRS phone)
SPEAKER Two 5" Roland speakers
WEIGHT 4.8 kg
USAGE monitoring, small venue, singer/player, live performance, recording studio, practice and music schools.

Here are some of the coolest features:

Phrase Looper
The AC-33 has a Phrase Looper that lets you record, loop, and jam over your own guitar riffs or incoming audio from the AUX input. Record and loop up to 40 seconds at a time, and use the switch pedal to control layers and stop/start. This is an amazing in-built feature, especially for a battery powered amplifier! in Cambodia this feature is increasingly helpful, especially with smaller venues and outdoor small band configuration.
Battery Power
And talking of battery power; Roland has been at the forefront of street amplification ever since the world's best selling amplifier Roland Cube Street. Cambodian musicians were asking for a portable version of Roland AC-40 a few years back, and Roland has delivered in style. Now take your genius box anywhere with you for up to 8 hours of music life from AA batteries. Truly remarkable.
The amp’s volume is ideal for the increasingly popular outdoor small concerts, like those in Phnom Penh's Bassac Lane. In fact, you may not need more power. In a large venue where a P.A. would normally be available, plug directly into it or run a feed to the mixer out of the AC-33’s line outputs, using the amp as a personal monitor. Roland has configured the amp ideally for exactly this type of situation. Neither the amplifier’s two channel volumes nor the master volume are reflected in the line-out send level, so if you are using the AC-33 largely as a personal monitor and need more volume from the amp in order to hear yourself better, you can raise your monitoring level at any time without increasing the level of the signal that you are sending to the main P.A. through the line-outs. Conversely, the EQ and effects—chorus and reverb—are sent to the P.A. through the line-out sends, putting you in control of the tone and the ambience of your sound, while the soundman merely adjusts your overall level through the main system. A flip-out bar on the amp’s bottom points it up toward your ears, enabling you to hear yourself better when playing with drums.


Soundskool is pleased to bring you this amazing new addition, alongside Roland's impressive line up which features the Blues Cube series, Street Cube, ACS live and more!

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