Should you or your children learn Music in Cambodia?

Here are our TOP 5 REASONS why YOU and your KIDS should learn to play!

1. Music Lessons makes your brain think faster

That’s right, practicing Piano or Guitar for example helps with coordination, rhythm and pattern recognition. This fine-tunes the brain to react faster to mathematical or logical problem-solving.

2. Learn music, it develops your Coordination

Gabi Faja (our director) explains that because of the motor skills required (for example exercising your hands and feet to move in syncopation) in practicing music, students are more likely to gain additional precision. For example for everyday tasks such as driving, assembling, drawing and multitasking.

3. Reading Music is like learning a new language

To read music fluently is actually extremely complex. Figure that a Piano player has to read two separate instructions (for the Right and Left hand), this whilst using appropriate Rhythm, Timing, Dynamics and Expression. Not easy! However, it is proven (Article by The Guardian) that musicians learn other languages faster because of their ability to scan and interpret complex writings and sounds.

4. Learning Music helps with Self-Esteem

It is proven research that children benefit from learning music (by the way check this blog for how to get children into music here >) and that learning to play and perform boosts a child’s sense of pride. Just walking on stage and learning to deal with audiences staring, listening and clapping is of enormous benefits. Asian children are often shy and Music can help them to come out of their shell. Even just simple music groups where kids make friends, laugh and perform in front of each-other is beneficial.

Learn to deal with public and the battle is 90% already won!

5. Music is the Future

Just by visiting websites such as The Culture Trip, we can see that Music in Cambodia is gaining popularity. It is important that Music is correctly taught, so teens and young adults can experience higher levels of musicianship in years to come. By training young adults who may one day become teachers themselves, music moves from a hobby to an industry in just a few years.

To find out more about getting into music at any age, visit our website, or register as a student (even better!)