January Monthly Newsletter

Catching up what's happening with Soundskool and The Piano Shop Cambodia. Read on to find out more.

January Monthly Newsletter

Catching up what's happening with Soundskool and The Piano Shop Cambodia. Starting with the monthly promotion exclusive for our students, Student Specials, the first new study term for 2024, teaser of our Spring Classical Series and other important school updates. Read on to find out more.

Promotions & Deals – Student Specials

Selected items from Roland, Fender, and acoustic pianos from The Piano Shop Cambodia, all offered at the best prices for Soundskool students.

Items for this December (only one available for each brand)

Interested in purchasing any of these items? Please reach out to our school desk.

Soundskool Toul kork
Soundskool Tompoung
Soundskool Boeng Keng Kang
Soundskool Siem Reap


2023 has been another successful year for classical concerts. Anticipate more wonderful concerts in our upcoming Spring Classical Series in 2024.

Follow The Piano Shop Cambodia Facebook page for more info about the concerts.

Updates from Soundskool

New Study Term - 2nd January 2024

A new study term has started! Students who have not yet enrolled for the new term, please reach out to you school desk right away.

If you are not a student at Soundskool yet, register now to get up to 25% in Cash Back!

RSL Implementation

Soundskool is an official representative of RSL in Cambodia, providing internationally recognized RSL exam grade certificates.

Starting in 2024, we will align our course syllabus with RSL standards, using RSL books based on students' discerned levels. When ready, the school bills parents/students, with exam fees starting from $85 per certificate. Parents/students can choose to accept, pay, and enroll in the exam or refuse billing, opting for a 'mock exam' during a regular lesson time, but no RSL certificate will be issued in this scenario.

Want to to know more about RSL or wish to take RSL exams? Let your teacher and school desk know!

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